August 1, 2021

37 thoughts on “Becoming Black Widow | Marvel Studios' Black Widow

  1. Marvel literally created a multiverse yesterday. Instead of saying a word about that they are just covering some fat girls cosplay as a marvel character that was killed off a few years ago.
    Who the hell runs their marketing team?

  2. did anyone notice how chat noir still flirted with ladybug even though he was with Kagami.👁👄👁

  3. We want no way home trailer iam waiting for the trailer please release trailer

  4. I loki prince of asgard Odinson, the righteous king of jotunheim, God of Mischief, I am burdened with glorious purpose

  5. Loki se 3 cheez connect hai
    1.Dr.Strange Multiverse of Madness
    2.Wanda Vision
    3.Ant Man and The Quantemania

  6. After watching black widow, i would say it’s a bit overrated and Natasha Romanoff is an undervalued character, she should have gotten her solo movie a long time ago, this is her first and last, that sucks

  7. What the hell is going on here?! What kind of cult is this?! "The widows will always be there". a fan is ok, but this is just, delusional, it's cringey and stupid.

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