October 19, 2021

33 thoughts on “Beckett | Official Trailer | Netflix

  1. I honestly like john Washington his voice his demeanor just like his dad a legend in the making

  2. For all the dramatic music, this looks crap. His acting, the other actors look B-Movie.

  3. John David Washington slowly turning into a big Movie star. This movie looks good👍🍿🥤

  4. мне вот интересно почему, если пара, то он – чёрный, а она белая!? почему не на оборот?

  5. looks wack. bro let us see you with a dark skin queen. don't let Hollywood change u. it's ok to be with different flavors lol. But at least give black queens a shot.

  6. whoa beckett is like modern harrison ford the fugitive remake movie we wanted?

  7. I'll probably check it out. Don't have a lot of faith in Netflix films though.

  8. We live in a Twilight World…

    … but we also occasionally visit Greece 🇬🇷

  9. It seems like it's another one of those mindfuck movies where the girlfriend doesnt exist or the people chasing him dont exist and everything is in his head.

  10. He Accidentally came across Wakanda and became the Next Black Panther. Fought along side Tomb Raider.

    Now that's a Baller Move.

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