October 19, 2021

30 thoughts on “ARMY OF THE DEAD Trailer 2 (2021)

  1. Even if this movie is bad I'm pretty people are still gonna like it cuz of the badass zombies

  2. Wow…So all the resident evil's zombies went on as far as zombifying a tiger ? Then chose a zombie general with machismo, now Batista leads the team ? Hilarious!!!

  3. Well, I like the zombies, but WHY would they wall-off the city and just allow the zombies to stay there? You'd think the military would fly over and drop cluster bombs on any crowds and maybe walk some artillery fire through the area to thin them out.

  4. Its tight and every thing but really about money in a apacolpsy world trashhhhhh get another subject

  5. plot : retrieving a lots of money from the nest of zombie

    (train to busan : peninsula)
    are you me ?

  6. Do you remember the old movies with zombies? The good stuff. Interesting ideas, terror and gore.
    Forget it.
    Now we have a lot of CGI and zombies ninja.

  7. "They're faster, smarter..". SMART ZOMBIES!
    My worst TV Zombie NIGHTMARE has caught up with me!
    Well, there's no escaping it now!
    And a zombie tiger? I thought zombie dogs were the limit!

  8. Any film with a cheesy ass bad acting wrestler or MMA fighter instantly makes the movie shit

  9. I never understood that bs the world is full of zombies but you want to get money whats the fucking point of money if everyone is fucking dead?

  10. Man!! the music choices of Snyder is phenomenal whether it be his Justice League or Army of the dead.
    This trailer is intriguing.

  11. Zack Snyder has made zombies cool again cant wait to see this an loved the 2004 dawn of the dead

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