August 1, 2021

45 thoughts on “Are Devi and Paxton Endgame? | It's a Ship Show – Never Have I Ever | Netflix

  1. Team Paxton! My favourite was his character development, not just a hot guy. And how Devi learnt the fine art of saying thanks but no thanks, and in return got what she wanted without lowering he standards 💯

  2. Paxton really likes Devi for real. I don't feel she likes him too though 🤷🏾‍♀️ it's a very superficial kind of like for her towards him. That's just how I see it. She honestly likes Ben. And I hateee Ben sm, sorry-

  3. It always funny when viewers are team ben but yet your on a paxton and devi video lol. Why are you torturing yourself? Anyways definitely team paxton. If there is a season 3 I will be skipping to the last episode just so I don't waste my time if they try to put her with ben.

  4. I guess, Paxton decided to go public with Devi, only becoz he gets to know that there was a chance to go to college becoz of Devi. You can really see the embarrassment in Paxton's eyes when he and Devi entered the dance room together in the last scene, when his frnds saw him.

  5. THEY 10000000% SHOULD BE ENDGAME maybe at the start she only wanted him for his body but they did fall in love with each other and Paxton was always there for her whereas Ben just watched

  6. Pls I don't want the writers to ruin Paxton and Devi relationship 😩😩

  7. It has always been Ben and Devi ,I don't understand how people can actually say Devi and Paxton…..its just a passing phase in their life guys….understand 🙃

  8. Paxton has had the best character development so far! And personally I enjoy watching Paxton and Devi together. They are so funny, cute, hot at the same time xd.

  9. S’il vous plaît est-ce que pouvez mettre le manga miss kobayashi’s dragon maid .

  10. Couldn’t care less about anyone but I’m all the way down team PAXTON
    I would never want to date a boy like Ben in real life, shit he was hella annoying this season, no offense , especially when you can see how mad he was at Anessa for loosing, and just automatically lost an interest in her and wanted to start over with Devi
    Like wtf

  11. Wow! The editing skills were all of our literal expressions. Bet editor was a fan girl. 😂😍
    Ngl Editor needs a raise⚡📈📈


  13. i think the writers ending the show with devi and paxton was the best decision ever like paxton is sooo cute around her

  14. Paxton literally decided to come to prom only after teacher told him he needs Devi to get into college and everyone is praising him for it lmao what

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