September 19, 2021

40 thoughts on “ANASTASIA: Once Upon A Time Official Trailer (2020)

  1. I must be in the wrong place……… NOT once upon a time……. the original series brought my favorite bedtime characters to life as a child. I clicked on this expecting to see much of the same wonder and astonishment. pffft.

  2. im american… and yeah. this movie is disgusting

    i dont remember the 1997 animated film version being this culturally appropriated and offesive… sure the 97 film depicts Rasputin cursing the royal family, causing the communist party to rise up, etc… but this one is just ridiculous

  3. I love the Fox's animation Anastasia from 1997. I came to think that it would be a live action remake, as has already happened with Alladin, Mulan, The Jungle Book, among others (even more after Disney bought the copyright)… But only this trailer has DECEOPED me deeply! Anastasia deserved a decent movie, because her story is incredible. And not this "thing"

  4. As a Romanov enthusiast; this movie is nothing more than a load of sh*t!. Anastasia may have been a tomboy but she never used her hands when eating with food like wth!? She used utinciles much like everyone else in the dining room. And also why does Anastaisa in this film seem to not give a crap about what happened to her family? Shes not narcissistic, tho she can be a pain in the neck for some people who knew her personally, but was never narcissistic!

  5. All the people on here blaming America (an entire country) for producing a movie that was made by one unknown crappy movie studio that is not even part of Hollywood

    Yep, this is peak anti-Americanism at its best

  6. This film not only dishonored the history of Romanovs, but also the movie Anastasia from 1997, as well as its Broadway Adaptation. "Journey to the future, to save her past?". That sentence make me sick.

  7. This movie is sooo horrible, ridiculous and awkward, I feel ashamed about it on behalf of Netflix…. I cannot even imagine what they thought when they made it…

  8. First of all Russians are white so it’s a cultural appropriation in the sense that we consider culture appropriation to what is this story not even a trailer makes sense why can’t we just have a true history of the Romanoffs is that so hard to ask for

  9. wanna block it. Russian history (especially the murder of the Romanovs) isn't a fucking joke! Americans are so tolerate and kind, right?! Then, what the hell is this? Anastasia, as her family, COULD EAT WITH FORK. She was
    the daughter of the emperor.

  10. The movie is just a historical trash! Lenin and his friends just broke into the Nicolai's residence after being offended that Nicolai didn't invite them to the party and that's the revolution? Wtf?

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