November 28, 2021

5 thoughts on “AN INTRUSION Exclusive Featurette (2021) Scout Taylor-Compton

  1. It's 8am, and I woke up. I've already took my meds, and vitamins to start the day. In a minute I'm going to brush my teeth, and take a good shower. I'm not going to eat breakfast all because today at lunch I'm going to my neighboring state to go eat unlimited seafood at the casinos. I'm trying to save my stomach for a good food. I was thinking about riding my motorcycle to there, but I don't know if I could with a full stomach, so I'm going to take my truck. It's not a far trip, but I just want to be comfortable going to there, and going back home. It's going to be so FUM!

  2. Very excited for this! Scout is very talented and the cast for your film is so well put together! Excited for the creative team behind this and can not wait to watch!

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