August 1, 2021

48 thoughts on “All Episodes | Marvel Studios' Loki | Disney+

  1. I have a theory that I some earth inendgame all the original avengers of that earth ( thor, iron man, captain america, hulk, war machine and ronin) are on a planet with their new created space suits created by ant man and there on that planet they search for the infinity stones but then there galactus comes and then they fight with galactus' army and defeat it but while they are fighting galactus finds the stones and then puts them in his crown and the stones attach together to form a ultimate stone and with a beam from that stone he would be able to rule the universe but then thor uses his thunder power to make them fly and they reach to the crown and then all of them use there weapons and destroy the stone which causes everyone there to die and the planet also starts demolishing. On earth the new avengers were seeing what was happening and get to know what happened and then in post credit scene they assemble themselves against three lokis
    Pls approve this marvel pleaseeeeeee🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  2. Prediction- I think that Doctor Strange into the Multiverse of madness won't be about doctor strange seeing the mess of loki and Wanda but will be about them teaming up to defeat mordo…

  3. If Marvel has the money to make Loki, Wanda Vision, Falcon and the Winter Soldier, then why the f*** did they cancel Daredevil. People forget it was the first MCU tv show, and had a darker more realistic tone. Daredevil needs to return, screw the Defenders.

  4. If you want to keep the hype train for the multiverse @marvel, it is time to drop the spider man no way home trailer

    P.S plsssssssss

  5. Ok just my opinion: classic Loki going all out was the highlight of the season

  6. In my opinion the best series with twist, suspense,comdey and action I really love the series can't wait for season 2 and who knows if it can be a super series

  7. Marvel to loki:
    mamma mia, it's a game we play
    Bye bye doesn't mean forever😂

  8. In India pepal crazy to See tom hideltson after loki he got a youge fan fallowing in indiaa

  9. It's amazing that people quote a 15 second video, not once stopping to think that tons of other comments are going to say THE EXACT SAME THING

    God, I wish people thought about things before they did them.

  10. I have a great story of a new super hero. I want Marvel studios to release that movie.

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