August 1, 2021

25 thoughts on “Action Side by Side | Disney's Jungle Cruise | Experience it July 30

  1. I am absolutely hyped to see this movie, especially since it is already giving off "Indiana Jones", "The Mummy", and "Pirates of the Caribbean" vibes.

  2. As mild as the ride is at Magic Kingdom, i have always loved it anyway. especially because they have a boat named after me lol womba wanda lol. i am so excited disney made a movie out of it! i think the rock is great!

  3. Have I already bought Premiere Access for Raya, Cruella, and Black Widow? Yes. Am I going to buy Premiere Access for this movie, as well? Also yes.

  4. Okay so mix “The Mummy” with “Indiana Jones”, base off a ride like “Pirates of the Caribbean” then set it in the Amazon…got it

  5. The Rock is not the right person for this role. Seems so out of place. Sorry Disney, bad choice there.

  6. I love you The Rock…you are awasome I watch your all movies…..I can do any for you…

  7. Se ve una excelente película 🎥, ¿ Es la segunda parte ?, saludos desde Santiago De Chile gringos. 💪 💪 💪 💪

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