October 15, 2021

50 thoughts on “ABOMINABLE Trailer (2020) Bigfoot Horror

  1. Gotta love ignorance in people o yeah a bullet proof mountain ape. What a waste of money and time. Go look in the mirror and scold your self

  2. SMH The other Abominable was better. This looks more like the remake of Snowbeast, or the SyFy movie Yeti.

  3. They should have chosen another title as there is already a movie ( A Good One ) called ABOMINABLE ( 2006 ) … so that will cause confusion …

  4. Already disappointed. They just don't work hard enough on the body/ anatomy/morphology factors to make it realistic.

  5. Cringy 5 stars out of 5. Plot Twist. Everybody got raped by the costumed beast creature that turned out to be an Alien UFO that shipped all of them off of Earth and into the Moon.

  6. I love big foot 🦶 but I seriously wud like him to look like a hairy predator…. this looks like a big bird gone grey wot a disappointment

  7. Worse piece of junk ive ever seen, the acting was really lame and the Yedi you could see on the wrist where the custom ends OMG the worst!!

  8. They could have done better one there acting it's all lame there enthusiasm is not good and there acting is lazy

  9. I think the only director who can really make a true scary Bigfoot movie with a good story line is Steven Speilberg..I am sure he would put in a lot of time and money to have the Bigfoot look as real as possible..

  10. Again with all the true intresting story's over the years,concerning these creatures Hollywood waist more film to make another crappy movie ,

  11. Pretty sure the producers of this movie bought the old Harry and the Hendersons costume and painted it white. Great upcycle!!!

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