October 19, 2021

34 thoughts on “A JOURNAL FOR JORDAN Trailer (2021)

  1. Seems kind of predictable so I'm hoping for a twist. I'm sure people will only see it because of Michael B. Jordan being the main character.

  2. I didn't have much intrest when it started but the moment I saw Denzel, I wished it was a full movie.Denzel is a real Deal. December we are waiting.

  3. I don’t usually watch trailers whenever they pop up during videos, but I actually watched this one fully. This trailer got me hooked! I even saved it so I will remember to go see it this Winter haha! I am already so eager :-)))

  4. Gotta love youtube. Overloads computer until I walk away, and when I come back, it's "autoplaying" something I didn't click on… (and they know it!!!) …So, they're screwing over Denzel Washington and Michael B. Jordan by pretending to report accurate viewing numbers to them. YouTube had one job: protect free speech and prompt people with content they appear to be interested in. …But they couldn't hack that. They had to "get political" and claim to be the arbiters of "truth." OK, …Next!!!

  5. Denzel, you gave us ANTIONE FISHER. The one about a U.S. Navy Sailor and filmed in San Diego, don't let me down. As a veteran and fan of your films, I wanna see this.

  6. So unrealistic
    In the real military….he would be deployed while she is at home banging jody

  7. Wowwww, just watching the trailer had me in tears… will definitely be going to see this movie!

  8. another war romance movie … holy shit , move on with something new, you ain't fighting no more wars after what happened in Afghanistan.

  9. You’d think they would at least get the basics right…in the thumbnail for this video…his helmet is on fucking backwards 😆

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