October 19, 2021

20 thoughts on “A Closer Look at the FEAR STREET TRILOGY Horror Movie References | Netflix Geeked

  1. What about using the song Carry on Wayward Son in 1978 and also naming the characters "Sam and Deena". Isn't this a reference to the show Supernatural where the main characters are "Sam and Dean" and Carry on Wayward Son is like the theme song of the show.

  2. Young horror fans have so many fun horror films to explore after watching Fear Street. I'm kind of jealous these kids are going to experience The Shining, Halloween and Scream for the first time.

  3. I think she also forgot to mention they referenced ‘Salem’s Lot’ in I think Fear Street 1994

  4. I felt a reference when in '78 the gal takes an axe to the head, just like in Friday the 13th part 1 with the character Marcie Stanler.

  5. FFFFFF YAAAAA loved the series & EVERYONE I KNOW …sooo sad was short & ended ..WISH WAS LIKE SEASON…
    ANOTHER flickS i saw is good call>>> BLOOD RED SKY & A CLASSIC HORROR STORY …hEll ya

  6. Similarities do not always have to be a "reference" or "homage." Felt like a bit of stretch on several of these.

  7. I loved that the 'Milkman' killer, who is sporting Michael Meyers coveralls, was shot by a cop in the mall scene SIX TIMES! Just as Loomis kept reiterating he had done to Michael in Halloween 2

  8. For those complaining that Fear Street didn’t reference the books enough; remember that the books themselves are a mine field of continuity. Most stories ARE standalone with only characters sometimes existing in cameos or mentions in other stories. FEW actually come back sequel style. I think the trilogy’s ultimate job was to be a love letter to horror and reinvigorate RL’s less known property. Most people ONLY know him for Goosebumps so now that the masses have their attention, Netflix will probably elaborate on lore in future stories and have more references. Non horror fans are slow. Some people didn’t even get the movie references.

  9. Kevin smith says Netflix doesn't care what we think! Netflix cancel part 2 and show him you do care!

  10. Possibly a missed double reference RE: the "Robert Lawrence" book. Both 1994 and 1666 prominently feature THE FIRST EVIL, the first book in the "Fear Street Cheerleaders" series.

    "Fear Street Cheerleaders" is notable for the series to prominently feature (a very different) Sarah Fear. (Yes, spelled "Fear" in the books.)

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